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Industrial Case Study: Water Containers and Plastic Waste

To engage today's students, it's important to find topics that are relevant to them. The current problem of plastic waste from packaging ending up in nature is an illustrative example. In this advanced industrial case study, we will show how the CES EduPack software can be used to understand and assess different approaches and options within product development and design, not least when it comes to environmental properties. We will use the Eco Audit tool to investigate material options for water containers and offer tips for performing a practical exercise in the classroom in the form of a computer-aided, interactive group activity.

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Claes Fredriksson and Bridget Ogwezi | Granta Design
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PDF | English | 2018
, 2018, Advanced, Aluminium, Case study, CES EduPack, Design, Eco Design, Education, environment, Latest, Life Cycle, Plastic, Plastic Waste, plastics, Product Design, Recycling, Spanish, Teaching, Water,
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