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Advanced Industrial Case Study: Biomedical Waste: Health vs Environment

The Bioengineering database of CES EduPack offers the possibility to compare and select materials for various medical and biological applications. This is useful both for teaching students and for making materials decisions in the biomedical field. The Eco Audit tool, recently included with the Bioengineering database, also makes it possible to assess and compare different scenarios in terms of materials and end-of-life options.

In this advanced industrial case study, we explore how CES EduPack can be used to discuss aspects of materials and waste in the healthcare sector. Both material selection for performance and clinical requirements as well as environmental consequences of disposable material and waste. To add realism, we visit the external ASM Medical Materials Database™ which contains over 60,000 approved medical devices.

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Claes Fredriksson and Harriet Parnell | Ansys Granta
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PDF | English | 2019
bioengineering, Biomedical, Case study, Materials, Medical, Recycling, Teaching,
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