Track Materials Business Processes in MI:Workflow

Improving the Experience of Your Users

Searching and comparing materials data

Customizing the Additive Manufacturing Schema

Access Control and User Management

Excel Importer Tips and Tricks

Schema Design Best Practice

GRANTA MI Python Scripting Toolkit Introduction

Restricted Substances – Avoiding duplicate data

Exporting data to CAE material cards and other documents

Embedded Equations and Logic

Searching in GRANTA MI 12 Update 2

User Manager: Teams and Projects

What’s New in GRANTA MI Version 11

How to use links when designing and creating your GRANTA MI databases

Using Homepages to improve user experience

MI:Materials Gateway v6.0 – An Introduction

Solving Restricted Substance Compliance with GRANTA MI

Material Assignment and Selection in CAD with MI:Materials Gateway

Importing from Excel

What’s new in GRANTA MI Version 10?

Importing Data from Excel

Learn GRANTA MI: New User Assistance Resources and Understanding Tabular Data

Python Scripting Toolkit Applications

Getting the most out of your Granta reference data

Getting the most from curves and functional data

Introduction to GRANTA MI:Workflow

Exporting Data from GRANTA MI

Global Metals Specifications data module – An introduction

Searching in MI 12

Create Forms for End-Users with MI:Explore

User Management and Access Control

Preparing for GRANTA MI Version 10

Working with Excel Importers and Exporters


Build and Maintain Great Home Pages in GRANTA MI

Data Visualization and Analysis in GRANTA MI and MI:Mat Analyzer

Making use of the new JAHM Curve Data with MI:Explore Version 4.1

Using MI:Scripting Toolkit for QA

Making the Most out of Tabular Data

What’s New: MatAnalyzer 1.3

Deploying MI 12

Store Complex Knowledge with Searchable Tabular Data

What’s New in MI:Materials Gateway Version 5

Importing, exporting and manipulating complex data types

Getting the most from MI:Explore

Using Python scripts in MI:Workflow