Architecture and the Built Environment

Claes Frederickson | Bridget Ogwezi |Mike Ashby | Ansys |

Guide: The Hybrid Synthesizer - Model Writer's Guide

Nick Ball, Charlie Bream, James Bateson | Ansys Granta

Paper: Medical Devices Database

Harriet Parnell, Mike Ashby | Ansys Granta, University of Cambridge

Paper: Fibers in the CES EduPack

Mike Ashby | Granta Design

Paper: Social Life-Cycle Assessment and Social Impact Audit Tool

M. Ashby, E. Brechbühl, T. Vakhitova and A. Vallejo | ANSYS Granta

Paper: Materials for Nuclear Power Systems

Mike Ashby and Michael Smidman | Granta Design and Engineering Department, Cambridge University

Paper: MSE Process-Property Profile

Mike Ashby | Granta Design | 2017

Paper: The CES EduPack Products, Materials and Processes Database

Magda Figuerola, Qiuying Lai, Mike Ashby | Granta Design

Paper: Bio Engineering Database - Bio-derived materials and example applications

Ana G. Pereira-Medrano, Mike Ashby, Harriet Crawford | Granta Design

Paper: CES EduPack Database for Bulk Functional Materials

Mike Ashby, Tim Davies, Stephane Gorsse | Granta Design, Bordeaux INP and ICMCB

Paper: Shackelford-based Courses and CES EduPack

Mike Ashby, Hannah Melia, James Shackelford, Arlindo Silva | Granta Design

Paper: Teaching Materials with CES EduPack

Hannah Melia, Magda Figuerola, Claes Fredriksson | Granta Design

Paper: Manipulating Properties: Charts, microstructure and processing

Hugh Shercliff, Mike Ashby | Dept of Engineering, Cambridge University

Paper: Material Risk and Corporate Sustainability

Mike Ashby, Tatiana Vakhitova | Granta Design

Paper: The Elements Database

Claes Fredriksson, Kyozo Arimoto, Mike Ashby | Granta Design

Model: The Hybrid Synthesizer - Example Model

Nick Ball, Charlie Bream, James Bateson | Granta Design

Paper: Energy

Mike Ashby, Julia Attwood, Michael Smidman, James Polyblank | Granta Design

Paper: Materials and Sustainable Development

Mike Ashby, Didac Ferrer, Jennifer Bruce | Granta Design, Universitat politecnica de Catalunya

Paper: The CES EduPack Database of Natural and Man-Made Materials

Mike Ashby, Ana Pereira-Medrano | Granta Design

Paper: CES EduPack for Eco Design

Mike Ashby, Andew Miller, F. Rutter, Ulrike G.K. Wegst | Granta Design

Paper: Materials and Processes in Mechanical Design

Arlindo Silva, Mike Ashby | Granta Design

Paper: Materials and Product Design

Mike Ashby | Granta Design

Paper: Teaching Engineering Materials

Mike Ashby, Dave Cebon, Arlindo Silva | Granta Design

Paper: The energy fingerprints of products

Mike Ashby | Granta Design

Paper: The CES EduPack Eco Audit Tool

Mike Ashby, Nick Ball, Charlie Bream | Granta Design

Paper: Tradition and Innovation in the Education of Materials for Engineering Students in the 21st Century

Mike Ashby, Arlindo Silva, Hannah Melia, Ana Pereira, Marc Fry | Granta Design

Paper: Hybrid Synthesizer

Mike Ashby | Granta Design

Paper: Motivating Students to Learn about the Science of Materials

K. Arimoto, H. Melia and M.F. Ashby | Granta Design

Paper: Multiple objective optimisation of composite sandwich structures for rail vehicle floor panels

Craig William Hudson, JJ Carruthers, AM Robinson | Newcastle University

Paper: Significance of Materials Selection Tools

A.M.M. Sharif Ullah | Kitami Institute of Technology

Book: Sustainable Energy - Without The Hot Air

David JC MacKay | University of Cambridge