October 15, 2018
StahlDat SX

What is it?

The complete Register of European Steels (known as the ‘Stahl-Eisen-Liste’ in German), their specification data, and temperature-dependent properties.

What is in it?

Data for over 2,500 steels in the Register (chemical composition, mechanical properties, material forms, suppliers) plus temperature-dependent properties for over 450 of these from the publication SEW 310.

What is it used for?

 European steel selection in design and procurement; input data for design, analysis, and processing; and research.

Where does it come from?

Licensed from the German Steel Institute (Stahlinstitut VDEh) of Duesseldorf, Germany.  The European Steels Registration Office is part of the Institute and SEW 310 is published by the Institute. (SEW = Stahl-Eisen-Werkstoffblatt).

How do I access it?

Part of the Global Metals Specifications dataset alongside data from ASM International, the World Metals Index, and UK Steel.  Purchased as part of the Metals data bundle and accessed via GRANTA MI or GRANTA Selector.