October 15, 2018
Global Polymers

What is it?

The Global Polymers dataset contains by far the largest collection of ASTM datasheets for plastic materials. Granta works in partnership with UL to deliver a regularly updated data module which provides access to plastics and polymer additives data within the GRANTA MI and GRANTA Selector software

What is in it?

The data module contains over 100,000 datasheets from 900+ suppliers, with around 70,000 datasheets listing ASTM standard properties and around 40,000 datasheets listing ISO properties. It also includes nearly 15,000 datasheets containing key attributes and properties for additive, filler and masterbatch products. A typical Plastics datasheet includes data on the following properties

  • Mechanical
  • Impact
  • Thermal
  • Electrical
  • Flammability

What is it used for?

Comparing and selecting plastic grades and polymer additives

UL logoWhere does it come from?

The Prospector® database from UL, and the Additives databse from UL. The plastics datasheets were formerly known as ‘IDES Plastics’

How can I access it?

Purchase as part of the Plastics data bundle, accessible within GRANTA MI and GRANTA Selector.