October 15, 2018
UL Yellow Cards

What is it?

UL Yellow Cards provides comprehensive data for plastic grades and plastics additives, as well as UL Yellow Card and UL colorant data. Granta works in partnership with UL to deliver a regularly updated data module.

What is in it?

The Plastics data provides datasheets for more than 90,000 plastic materials from leading materials suppliers, including searchable properties for global standards from organizations including ASTM, ISO, IEC and DIN, and application information. The Additives data contains key properties for additive, filler and masterbatch products, that can be compounded with plastic materials to enhance performance or safety, reduce weight and cost, or improve processing processes.

UL Yellow Cards for Plastics list multiple safety and performance related properties for polymeric materials tested by UL to appropriate standards. The test data shows that a material is appropriate for specific applications and helps ensure that the manufacturer is using a tested and certified material for safety. UL Colorants data specifies how colorants and additives can be used with plastic materials to achieve a certain flame rating.

What is it used for?

Plastics selection, particularly for safety-critical applications, such as electronics. Find materials with a UL Yellow Card achieving a desired safety rating

UL logoWhere does it come from?

The Prospector® Database from UL.

How can I access it?

In GRANTA MI.  Purchase as a standalone database.