November 15, 2019
Global Metals Specifications

What is it?

An integrated resource comprising over 100,000 metals standards from global standards organizations and suppliers. 

What is in it?

Thousands of records from the ASM Alloy Finder, MI-21, StahlDat, and Steelspec databases covering steels and other alloys. Together, these provide strong coverage of global standards organizations and metals suppliers, including: AFNOR, ASME, AMS, ASTM, BIS, BSI, CEN, DIN, GOST, ISO, JSA, SAC, SAE, and UNS. Records include tradenames, material properties, chemical composition data, links to citations and Standards, and supplier information.  Datasheets for specific grades are linked to related records for generic materials types in the MaterialUniverse data module, enabling the user to navigate around the combined resource to quickly identify equivalent materials. 

Examples of questions you can answer

Equivalents & alternatives:

  • What is the British ‘equivalent’ of Z6CND16 05 01?
  • What alternative products are there to UNS L50713?

Chemical composition:

  • What is the chemical composition of 9SMn28?
  • What materials match my analysed chemical composition of Fe%, Cr%, Ni%, C%?


  • What is the tensile strength of ASTM A182 F51?
  • What materials are available in the form of a coil?


  • Which materials from China meet my requirements?
  • What is JIS H 5114?

Where does it come from?

The data comes from ASM International, the German Steel Institute, UK Steel, and the World Metals Institute.

How can I access it?

Purchased as part of the Metals data bundle and accessed via GRANTA MI or GRANTA Selector.