October 15, 2018
Firehole Composites

What is it?

Data covering over 300 continuous fiber reinforced polymer composite grades, drawn from manufacturers, leading testing labs, and research institutions.

What is in it?

1,000 records covering different test conditions (e.g. room temperature dry, elevated temperature wet, etc.) with information on the composite constituents (fibers, matrix materials etc.), suppliers, and forms, plus unidirectional and multi-axial laminate properties derived from testing.

What is it used for?

Supports design using composite materials. Enables easy comparison between composites and traditional materials.

Where does it come from?

The data is compiled by Firehole Technologies, Inc. from sources including the NCAMP, AGATE, and CMH-17 projects and manufacturers datasheets.

How can I access it?

Purchasable as part of the Composites data bundle, accessible via the GRANTA MI or GRANTA Selector software.