October 15, 2018

ASMEWhat is it?

Authoritative property data on materials for power plants (nuclear & conventional) and the process industries (chemical, oil, and gas).

What is in it?

Mechanical and physical properties for 3,500+ combinations of material specification, grade and form. Includes design stress values, tensile and yield strength values, tables and charts of material properties, and design fatigue curves. Choose the US Customary or Metric unit versions, or use both for different projects.

What is it used for?

Selection of materials for high performance applications.  Quantitative design and analysis. Fast, shared access to the right data ensures fewer delays in projects and helps you to optimize materials and design choices based on confidence in the data.

Where does it come from?

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

How can I access it?

Purchasable as part of the Metals data bundle accessible within GRANTA MI or GRANTA Selector.