August 31, 2018

Thomas Kraenzler, SulzerLogoSulzer’s use of GRANTA MI has been described in a Granta Case Study and in by the Head of the Materials Group, Thomas Kraenzler, in a web seminar. Sulzer has a global reputation in providing reliable equipment for performance-critical applications in sectors from Oil & Gas to Power Generation. They have adopted GRANTA MI to improve reliability, save time, and extract more value from existing corporate knowledge. The aim was to maximize the use of many-years’ worth of valuable materials information, and to combine this with high quality external reference data, thus supporting performance-critical applications. By importing proprietary data into GRANTA MI, and licensing additional external data, Sulzer met their initial goals of making materials data more reliable, traceable, and searchable. The software tools available with GRANTA MI allow them to put that information quickly into the hands of those who need it, and to make optimal materials decisions.