September 3, 2018

NASANASA Glenn Research Center has used GRANTA MI to create a central engineering information database that not only contains typical material property information but also entire response histories (e.g., tensile, creep, relaxation, cyclic curves), all associated pedigree information, as well as related applications, failures and reference documents. Dr Steven Arnold, Chief of the Mechanics and Life Prediction Branch, and chair of the Material Data Management Consortium (MDMC), has spoken about this work on numerous occasions, including at a Granta seminar in Pittsburgh, and more recently in webinars. One key theme has been the importance of managing information right through from test data to FEA analysis, maintaining full traceability. “The GRANTA MI system is an excellent system for being able to handle this. We wanted an integrated toolset for design and analysis at elevated temperatures so that we could take the information that we obtained in experiments all the way to the end application.”