September 3, 2018

In this case study, one of Granta’s customers is seeking to reduce the cost of each kWh through the latest wind turbine technology, pushing new materials to their limits and posing real materials information management challenges. Granta have been able to provide the company with a materials information management system, ensuring that all data is stored in a single, traceable, and fully searchable system. Materials experts working with blade technology are now using this system to collect and maintain data from in-house tests, such as compression, IPS, ILSS, rheology, environmental, together with its pedigree and analysis details, within this corporate materials information resource. They are then able to provide quick and reliable access to this data in the right format for those who need it. Having one “gold source” of materials information has increased confidence in the materials data used by wind blade engineers, and is capturing the corporate materials expertise and knowledge. Together, these help with innovative designs involving lower carbon fiber content, reducing the cost and increasing the efficiency of turbine blades.