September 17, 2018

Tecumseh has been committed to innovation and product quality for the air conditioning and refrigeration market for more than 75 years. In an increasingly competitive global market, they wanted to ensure that their material selection processes were rigorous and reproducible, and use these processes to produce high-quality products at an optimal price, whilst also considering environmental factors.

Tecumseh adopted CES Selector (now GRANTA Selector), taking advantage of extensive materials property data, advanced graphical analysis, and specialist tools to support materials selection and substitution decisions. This has ensured that their materials experts can make the best use of their materials understanding and share it within the group. Graphical selection methods helped Tecumseh save 2 million euros.

You can now read how just a few weeks’ work using Selector has led to a three-fold reduction in production time for one component, a ventilation unit, and helped to generate millions of euros of cost savings from making the right materials decisions.



Success Stories

See how CES Selector has been used by organizations including Burberry, Chip Ganassi Racing Teams, Fortune Brands, Honeywell, Tecumseh, and Novo Nordisk.

CES Selector

Make smart materials choices using the standard tool for materials selection and graphical analysis of materials properties.