September 3, 2018

At a webinar hosted by Granta, Benjamin Hornblow, of Denmark-based technology consultancy FORCE Technology, spoke about the challenge of developing products using composite materials: how to determine which materials to use and how to combine them in order to maximize the unique properties and benefits of each. He explained that by using CES Selector (now GRANTA Selector), the team at FORCE Technology was able to quickly identify candidate materials for a longboard and evaluate the ways in which they could be combined to achieve optimal results.

The case study showed that the final composite provided a longboard with a smoother ride and 30% weight saving compared to the current state-of-the-art board. As Mr Hornblow explained:“It was great to use the multilayer Synthesizer Tool in Selector to ‘test out’ different materials, concepts and configurations early in the design process. This saved valuable time in the more labor-intensive CAD modeling and prototyping stages of the project.”