September 3, 2018

Andre Haggie, JLRLogoAt a web seminar discussing “how automotive leaders manage and use materials information”, Andrew Haggie, Senior Manager of the Materials Engineering Department at Jaguar Land Rover, described how Granta’s tools are meeting their needs for materials information management: “There is a need in the business to have a single, consistent, and reliable source of data. We needed something that captured and collated the vast bank of data that is collected historically. It needs to be accessible for the various end-users, and it needs to be the right information in the right format for the stakeholders and customers to use.” In particular, he identified a need to respond to: growth, recording and embedding knowledge and making this readily available as Jaguar Land Rover expand into new markets and partnerships around the world; new materials, supporting the advances to meet environmental pressures and lightweighting requirements; material strategies for consistency and alignment across Jaguar Land Rover’s platforms; and, getting to market faster—“CAE tools are demanding a more rigorous, complete set of materials data” to meet their “zero prototype goal”, relying upon a “single version of the truth”.