August 31, 2018


Rolls-Royce have spoken at a number of seminars, Consortia meetings, and webinars about their use of the GRANTA MI system.

Amandeep Singh Mhay has presented a case study of the materials information management project at Rolls-Royce at Granta seminars and webinars . His presentation included the assessment that the project was responsible for £6.9m ($10m) per annum of productivity savings due to factors such as reduced data loss, avoiding duplicate testing, legacy data capture, and cost avoidance.

Andy Clifton, Manager of Sustainable Development and Health and Safety in Design at Rolls-Royce, spoke of using data-driven assessment of materials supply and environmental risks to design-out problems. This has enabled them to develop approaches that deliver a “triple win scenario” benefiting customers, the environment, and suppliers/manufacturers.