October 25, 2018

The Tempe engineering site within Honeywell Aerospace has been using CES Selector (now GRANTA Selector) since 2001. In a webinar, Principal Materials Engineer John Perek presented two examples of the use of the software. The first involved a materials substitution project for a pressure regulator housing that was experiencing delayed cracking after molding. Using limiting stages and graphical comparison tools within Selector, possible alternative injection moldable materials were reduced from 600 to two.

In the second example, Compliance with restriction of hazardous substances (RoHS) legislation led to the need to replace a current Be-Cu pitot tube. CES Selector was used to significantly reduce selection time, and minimize cost by narrowing down 1800 potential alternative metals to just 14. “We looked at several justifications for choosing CES Selector when we originally pursued the software package within Honeywell,” Perek explained. “One of the main ones was Cost Avoidance. We wanted to eliminate unnecessary drawing changes resulting from improper material or process selection, and unnecessary re-testing.” He added that another core benefit of the software is selection time, and the ability to accelerate the search for material property data and material process selections via digitalization.