October 30, 2019

At an ANSYS Granta web seminar, Renato Favarin from Embraer spoke about the leading aerospace manufacturer’s use of the GRANTA MI:Restricted Substances solution to manage business risk relating to environmental regulations.  In order to keep their aircraft flying, Embraer needs to comply with a range of international regulations and, as a result, is increasingly being asked questions about the presence of specific substances in its products.  It has been systematically collecting supplier substance data since 2015, so far consisting of supplier safety datasheet information, and now has a large volume of information to manage and use.  This is where the GRANTA MI solution comes in.  Within the GRANTA MI database, Embraer is able to store and link together information about its parts, information on the substances present in its aircraft, and data provided by Granta on over 120 global substance regulations.  As demonstrated in the webinar, the company can then follow the links in the database or run reports to answer questions such as which parts are impacted by the REACH regulation or which parts contain a specific substance of concern.  Next steps for the project are to further build out the database with in-house process specifications, to also consider the impacts on cured/dried (final composition) materials, and to capture data from supplier declarations provided under the emerging IPC-1754 standard from the IAEG organization.

The Embraer case study shows how GRANTA MI is being applied to manage and use vital information to ensure compliance with restricted substance regulations such as REACH.