August 31, 2018

CessnaCessna Aircraft Company applies materials information management based to ensure the “best possible data integrity, to manage numerous data formats, and a desire to ensure consistent data analysis techniques”. Speaking at a Granta Seminar in Wichita, KS, Don Snyder, Cessna’s M&P Engineering Specialist, explained that they wanted to maximize the traceability of materials information, moving data storage away from shared drives, Excel workbooks, Access databases, and internal reports, and were seeking a secure system with good accessibility features.

To meet these needs, Cessna adopted GRANTA MI. The initial project involved incorporating reference data, internal data, legacy data, and suppliers/customer data within a centralized database, making it straightforward to search and apply this information. Integration with existing software was an important requirement, as was access control, ensuring that users can access only data for which they are authorized.