September 3, 2018

Mitigating restricted substance risk for materials

Boeing are members of the EMIT Consortium. They explained their involvement during an open seminar of an EMIT Members’ Meeting in London. The starting point was awareness of the acceleration in regulatory restrictions. Boeing were looking for a way to connect materials, specifications, regulations, and parts—“a laborious and costly process when you consider the mountains of data”, Boeing’s Peter Mezey explained. They also needed to keep track of and report on enormous amounts of historical data, in some cases exceeding 80 years. So Boeing adopted GRANTA MI to provide a centralized hub for materials knowledge, allowing restricted substance information to be fully integrated with other materials information. “For the first time we have the linkage all in one place”. Return on investment has been significant in areas such as data cleanup, risk mitigation, and efficiency benefits—for example, Boeing were able to respond much more efficiently when questions arose around Mercury usage in Canada.