September 3, 2018

ASCO Industries is a leader in high-precision, safety-critical products including high lift wing components, landing gear parts and sub-assemblies, and engine mounts. ASCO provides a case study of a smaller aerospace enterprise applying GRANTA MI. ASCO has implemented the GRANTA MI system to manage data on metals, polymers, and composites, and to store data on standard parts for aerospace components. Mr Stein Janssens of ASCO described this implementation at a Granta seminar in Paris. The report of this presentation explains the project: “ASCO was similar to many engineering organizations in having excellent tools for engineering design (e.g., CATIA) and finite element modeling (e.g., Nastran, Patran) but no single, integrated system to manage the materials data that supports design and generates ‘allowable’ property values for FEM…. ASCO’s goal was to enable full traceability for all data, revision control, easy searching, and quick comparisons.”