December 9, 2019

At a web seminar hosted by IEEE Globalspec, Alex Kitt, Product Manager at EWI, described the organizaton’s use of GRANTA MI to facilitate best practices in managing and using Additive Manufacturing (AM) data.  EWI is a manufacturing R&D company committed to de-risking the adoption, development and implementation of leading-edge technologies with end-to-end advisory, advancement and support services. In collaborating with its AM customers it faces data management challenges including: making best use of many sources of linked data (e.g., from powder characterization, builds, and mechanical testing); the need to share pedigreed data; and supporting a wide range of project/program types.

“The pedigree of AM data is becoming more important”, says Alex Kitt. “We needed to progress from out past state, where most of our data outputs were Excel sheets, to a mature data handling world.”

EWI worked with the ANSYS Granta team to implement the GRANTA MI materials information management system, which is now deployed to support on-going AM programs.