You may have seen that we just announced MI:Workflow, one of the most significant enhancements to the GRANTA MI platform we’ve ever made. Our aim is to give people control over the process of digitalizing materials information across their organization – helping them manage not only materials information, but also the processes required to ensure that information is requested, collected, approved, and released in a controlled, secure, traceable manner.

It’s easy to list the cool new features in the software: the ability to implement to-do lists, notifications, approval sequences, and moderation queues, as well as to create an audit trail.  But the point about MI:Workflow is the powerful things you can do by combining these features with each other and with the existing materials information management capabilities of GRANTA MI.

The easiest way to appreciate this is to think through some of the processes that can now be enabled.  Here are ten possibilities to get started – but we’d be interested in your ideas.  Get in touch!

  1. Manage material test or simulation data requests from the wider engineering community with a simple, reliable process to capture requests and pass then to the right people.
  2. Support sign-off / approval of materials data as it passes from raw, unqualified data to approved information for design (including multiple sign-offs, in series or parallel).
  3. Manage supplier qualification processes, including the relevant sign-offs, while capturing an audit trail of the whole process.
  4. Capture lessons learned and experience by providing simple forms for anyone to complete, and a moderation queue for experts to vet the results before they are published.
  5. Enforce company rules – for example, a materials test project cannot be approved unless it is assigned to a funding program.
  6. Manage new material specifications – in particular, the process by which these are added, approved, and made available in CAD or PLM.
  7. Manage chemical substances – control the process by which they are identified and linked to materials.
  8. Create a simple materials document management system so that reports and documents can be easily uploaded with a drag and drop user interface, and linked to relevant materials.
  9. Construct a simple tool for uploading micrographs and viewing them in MI:Explore.
  10. A Material Ideas resource: allow people to upload images or examples of new material ideas they have come across, and share them with others in the team.

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