Webinar instructions

How to use the Webex system.

Granta uses WebEx to support online seminars and meetings. WebEx runs via your web browser and should work well with most standard personal computer system setups.

Joining a meeting

1. Once you have registered, you will receive an email from

You will need this message to join the meeting. If you do not receive it, please check ‘spam’ filters and then contact Granta. This email will provide all of the meeting details (these should include timings, a link to the meeting, a meeting number, a password, and in some cases a registration ID). Please check the time zone information in the email carefully—Webex may, or may not, have translated the timings to your local time, depending on your settings.

2. To join, simply click on the link provided in the email.

We recommend doing this at least 10 minutes before the meeting is due to start.

3. You will be taken to the entry page for the meeting. Enter your details as requested.

These may include your name, e-mail address or registration ID, and meeting password.

4. Click “Join now”.

The WebEx window should launch and you should see the presenter’s screen if the meeting has started. The next step is to connect to the audio conference for the meeting.

Joining the audio conference

You will need to join the audio conference in order to hear and (if permitted) speak with the presenter and other attendees.

Option 1—Dial in by telephone

You will need the following information, which should be included in the meeting invite email sent to you, and can also be accessed via the “I Will Call In” option in the “Quick Start” menu after joining the Webex meeting (above):

  • Call-in number—the default listed number may be either a UK or US number. Local dial-in is available for many other countries. Please follow the All global call-in numbers link within the Webex or in the email.
  • Access Code (usually the same as the WebEx meeting number).
  • Your Attendee ID.

To join the audio call:

  1. Dial the appropriate telephone number.
  2. You will be prompted for the Access Code or Meeting Number—input this number on your phone handset, ending with a #.
  3. You should be prompted for your Attendee ID—input this number on your phone handset, ending with a #.
  4. You will be joined to the call.

Option 2—Call using computer

  1. Select the option “Call Using Computer” in the “Quick Start” menu when you join the meeting.
  2. On the first occasion that you do this, or when system updates are made, you may need to install a small plug-in app.

Please just follow the on-screen instructions. This should be a quick process.

You should now be able to listen to the call with headphones/speakers. If it is a meeting where participants are able to speak, you will be able to do this (via a microphone). Note for that most Granta web seminars, participants are muted and interaction is via the Webex text chat system.

Please note that Granta cannot provide troubleshooting or support for this WebEx feature, given the many different sound hardware, operating system, and network connection/security combinations available. If you want to use this option, we suggest testing your connection 15 minutes before the start of the meeting, and having the teleconference information above available as a backup. We always recommend telephone dial-in as the lowest risk option.

Ensuring that you are correctly configured for webex

Before logging into a meeting, you can check that your computer is correctly configured by visiting:

…and clicking on “Join a test meeting“.

Granta recommends that you do this at least 15 minutes prior to the meeting since, depending on your computer, it may take a few minutes to download the necessary WebEx components.

Individual Registrations (Web Seminars and Training)

Many of our web seminars allow you to sign up for the session directly with WebEx. In these cases, you will normally be provided with a unique registration ID. Please note that this ID will only allow one computer to join the session: if your colleagues wish to join the seminar they will need to complete the registration form themselves.

Changing your language and time zone preference

The first time you use the WebEx system you will be invited to set your time zone and language. You may also be given a link to change these settings when you receive the registration e-mail for a new event. It can be useful to do this for two reasons

  1. Setting the correct time zone means the automated reminders will have your correct local time
  2. Setting the right language changes the language for the forms, emails, and live interface.

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