What we do

We are passionate about materials: metals, plastics, composites; the stuff from which products are made. We develop great software and information resources that help engineers and development teams to understand and use these materials. We support our products through unrivaled services and a network of collaborations and partnerships, working with some of the world’s most innovative organizations.


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Our vision

Our mission is to lead materials information technology—to advance materials engineering and education, and to enable better, greener, safer products. Our vision is of material intelligence integrated throughout education, R&D, and the product lifecycle. For more about our vision and values, visit the About Granta section of this website.

Our corporate customers

We work with the world’s top engineering enterprises to help them manage and apply vital information about their engineering materials. We enable them to be more efficient and effective as they build their organizations’ material intelligence, and to make better decisions about the use of materials. Our customers include Airbus, Boeing, General Motors, Jaguar Land Rover, NASA, and Rolls-Royce.


Supporting education

We provide a hub for materials education in universities, enabling communication, information, and inspiration. Granta’s CES EduPack is a unique set of over 300 teaching resources that support materials education from introductory topics to postgraduate courses, across engineering, design, science and sustainable development. It is used at over 1,000 universities and colleges worldwide, including Cambridge University, TU Delft, KIT, Northwestern University, and the University of Science and Technology Beijing.

Innovation and collaboration

We help innovative enterprises to manage and apply materials information to support R&D throughout the whole product lifecycle, from initial design through testing to ensuring that the final product meets regulations and environmental standards. We collaborate with leading engineering comapanies, technology providers, materials institutions, and the global materials education community, and we have extensive experience in government-funded collaborative projects.

World-class software engineering

At Granta, everything depends on our ability to build great software. And for that, we rely on the excellence of our software team. That team gets the opportunity to work on a wide range of exciting projects, many in collaboration with the top engineering enterprises who are Granta’s customers. To support this progress, we use the latest tools and technologies, and encourage our software engineers to keep up with developments in their field. Read more 

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