How do I apply?

The process

The typical interview process consists of four steps – application, telephone interview, first round interview, and final round interview. This process may vary, depending on the role. (Recruiters: please read our guidance before contacting Granta).

how do I apply

We ask all candidates to submit an application online – enclosing both a CV and covering letter. You will receive an acknowledgement email straight away and we aim to get back to you within 2-3 working days. Please use this stage as an opportunity to include as much information about yourself and your motivation for the role – this is your chance to show us why you’d be a great addition to our team!

Our telephone interviews are an opportunity for us to find out a little more about you and provide you with a chance to learn more about the position. For some roles, our interviews will include a technical element but we will let you know in advance if that is to be the case. There’s no need for any preparation at this stage and our interviews at this stage typically last about 30 minutes.

Most of our first round interviews are held at our Cambridge office, or via Webex or Skype if joining us in person is not practical. This is an opportunity for us to talk to you face-to-face and learn more about what makes you tick! We’ll explore in more detail your work history, achievements and answer any questions that you have about Granta and the position. Our interviews at this stage typically last a couple of hours and will involve a work-based assessment/technical questions.

Our final round interviews typically take a couple of hours. You’ll be meeting a variety of people that you’ll be working with. Some of our final round interviews involve preparing a short presentation – but don’t worry, we’ll provide as much detail as possible to help you prepare.

The benefits

These are the typical benefits for Granta employees in the UK – the benefits package (for example, annual leave) may vary in other countries.



Contact email for further details:

University or Careers Service? Download a jobs poster for your noticeboard.

Recruitment consultant? Read this guidance before contacting Granta.