Réunion des Utilisateurs Granta - France et Belgique

Date et horaires : 20 novembre 2013, 09h30 – 16h00
Lieu: MBDA France, 1 Avenue Réaumur, 92350 Le Plessis-Robinson, France

Representatives from some of France and Belgium’s leading engineering organizations gathered at MBDA’s offices in November for a day of discussions and presentations about best practices for managing and applying mission-critical materials information from testing through to design and simulation. As users of Granta’s world-leading materials information management and material selection tools,  they were able to share experiences, pick up tips for using the latest software, and feed into Granta’s ongoing development plans.

Attendees can now download the minutes (including attendees list and actions) and handouts using their password and username.

Meeting report

Granta presentations

The French and Belgian UGM meeting opened with a welcome from the hosts, MBDA, and the Granta team. Having provided an overview of the latest developments (including GRANTA MI Version 7 and CES Selector 2014), Granta shared development plans and roadmaps in four key areas: materials data management; Materials Gateway integration; materials decision support; and environmental and regulatory issues. Users provided feedback which will be fed into Granta’s development process.

Later in the day, training was provided tailored to the needs of those companies present. Administrators benefited from hints and tips on profiles (how to set them up, what can be done with them) and homepages. A demonstration was given of the new Remote import API.  Those involved in exporting data were shown how to get the most from  the automatic template generator and custom reports.

User presentations and discussions

User presentations were made by Eurocopter (on composite applications and also restricted substances & eco applications), EADS Astrium Satellites, MBDA, EADS Astrium Space Transportation, and OCV Chambery International. In both the presentations and the subsequent discussions, users shared their experiences and offered insights into how different groups are applying the software tools and data.  There were also opportunities to have questions answered by the Granta team, and pick up further ‘hints and tips’.


Specific user requests and requirements were collected during the meeting. These will be fed into Granta’s development roadmap. Granta will report back on progress at the 2014 meeting. See minutes for further details (password protected).

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Attendees can download presentations using their username and password

09:30 Welcome

List of Registrants

Full meeting handout


09:40 Granta update (Cyril Journoux)
Latest news, development process overview, how you can contribute.
Granta's slides
10:00 New software: GRANTA MI Version 7, CES Selector 2014 (Dan Williams)
What's new in the latest versions of Granta's industry-leading materials information management software—demonstration and discussion.
Granta's slides
10:30 User Session 1: Eurocopter (Composite applications), EADS Astrium Satellites
User sessions will consist of one or more user presentations covering how the presenting organization is implementing and using Granta software: key lessons learned, key requirements and feedback for Granta.
EADS Astrium Satellites's slides
11:00 COFFEE  
11:20 Granta development plans & product roadmaps (1): Materials Data Management (Dan Williams)
Discussion of key recent developments and the roadmap for future developments.
Granta's slides
11:50 User Session 2: MBDA, EADS Astrium Space Transportation MBDA's slides
12:20 Granta plans & roadmaps (2): Materials Gateway integration (Arthur Fairfull) Granta's slides
12:45 LUNCH  
13:45 User Session 3: OCV Chambery International  
14:00 Granta plans & roadmaps (3): Materials decision support (Dan Williams) Granta's slides
14:25 User Session 4 – Eurocopter (Restricted substances & eco applications) Eurocopter's slides
14:40 Granta plans & roadmaps (4): Environmental and regulatory (Arthur Fairfull) Granta's slides
15:00 COFFEE  
15:20 Training – hints and tips (John O'Neill) :
  • Admin: Profiles, how to set them up, what can be done with them
  • Admin: homepages
  • Import: Remote import API
  • Export: Automatic template generator
  • Export: Custom reports
Granta's slides
16:20 Closing discussion (Cyril Journoux)
  • Attendee feedback and opinion on future User Group Meetings
16:30 CLOSE