Seminar, User Meeting, Training - Indianapolis

Effective techniques for materials selection

Granta tools

Open Seminar and User Meeting

Indianapolis, IN, USA

Wednesday, 11 May, 2016

Timings: Open Seminar (8am-1pm), User Meeting and Training (2pm-5:30pm)

Location: Indianapolis, IN, USA

Venue & Accommodation: Hyatt Place Indianapolis Airport

Material selection is a critical step in design, re-design, or when replacing existing materials. Join us to learn more about effective techniques for selecting materials, see demonstrations using real-life case studies, hear guest speakers from industry, and take part in hands-on sessions using the CES Selector software.

Open Seminar

Event includes:

  • Real-life case studies
  • Hints and tips
  • Hands-on CES Selector sessions
  • 2-week software trial licence

In this session, you will:

  • Find out how to make materials recommendations with confidence and avoid common mistakes through systematic, repeatable, traceable selection
  • Discover how to access the comprehensive data available for materials selection:
    • in CES Selector and the ASM Medical Materials database
    • in a preview of the first and most comprehensive database for industrial additive manufacturing machines and materials, the Senvol Database
  • Learn how to use the data and selection tools with reference to real-life case studies to:
    • replace a metal component with a polymer
    • identify drop-in replacements
  • Hear case study presentations from users of the technology in industry
  • Try out CES Selector in a hands-on session and receive a 2-week trial licence.

This session is open to anyone, and should be of particular interest to materials specialists, engineers, and designers who are responsible for selecting and specifying new materials for their company. All registrants will receive a certificate of attendance.

CES Selector User Meeting and Training

The afternoon session will provide the opportunity to:

  • Share experience and challenges with the Granta team and other users, and get advice
  • See what's new, hear about Granta's development plans, and provide your input
  • Get specific hints and tips to help you use the software.

Outline Agenda

8am Registration opens, coffee
8.30am Introduction
Agenda review and introduction to Granta Design and participants.
9:00am Overview of materials selection
9.15am Switching to Polymers from metals
There are many reasons for wanting to switch from a metal to a polymer material. Often this is driven by cost and weight reduction, achieved through the use of lower density materials, parts consolidation, net-shape processing and the elimination of finishing and assembly processes. To successfully make this transition it is important to understand the limitations of polymers and impact they have on the part design. This session will look at the challenges and considerations associated with the replacement of metal alloys with polymers.
9.45am Guest Speaker: Steve Risser, Research Leader, Advanced Materials Group, Battelle
'Shedding light on mysterious design failures – selecting materials for stability in medical devices'
Hear from guest speaker Battelle on their use of the technology in industry.
10.05am COFFEE
10.25am Are you using FDA approved materials?
When selecting materials for healthcare applications, it is important to use FDA approved materials. This session will look at the medical data available in CES Selector and the ASM Medical Materials database and show how it can be applied in material selection studies.
10.45am Additive Manufacturing materials data
There is increasing interest in Additive Manufacturing (AM) and the benefits it offers for the production of low volume, highly complex and custom parts. The challenge in using these materials is the large choice in AM technologies and the dependency of performance on both the material and machine used. This session will show how the selection and comparison of AM materials and machines can be simplified with a preview of the Senvol Database of industrial additive manufacturing machines and materials, which will soon be available in CES Selector.
11.05am How to find a replacement material
When designing products it is prudent to identify multiple sources of material. This puts you in a better position to negotiate on price with your supplier and helps protect you from supply disruptions. This session will show how you can use the data and selection tools in CES Selector to identify direct material replacements. These are materials that exhibit the same, or similar, mechanical and processing characteristics, and can be switched on the production line with minimal disruption.
11:25 Hands-on Session
Try out the software and apply the concepts you’ve seen. Work through the examples provided or use the time to investigate your own material issues and ask questions to the Granta experts.
12:45 Wrap up
1.45pm Close of Open Seminar
2pm Introduction
Agenda review and introduction of participants
2.20pm Recent Developments in CES Selector
What's new in CES Selector 2016
2.40pm CES Futures
Review and provide input on some ideas for the future development of the CES Selector user interface.
3:10pm Tips and Tricks—General Q&A
Get answers to your questions.
3:40pm COFFEE
4pm Further Training
Topics could include:
- Understanding the data in CES Selector
- How to define your design requirements
- Estimating Part Cost

5pm Wrap-up & Close
Feedback from users and further networking discussions
5.30pm CLOSE

Venue Information

Hyatt Place Indianapolis Airport
5500 West Bradbury Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46241

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$129 per room, per night.

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