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Seminar—Wichita, April 17, 2014

Maximizing material intelligence

Share experiences with those from leading engineering, aerospace, & defense organizations

Venue: We are hosted by the National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR) at the National Center for Aviation Training (NCAT) facility, Wichita.

Information on the properties and behavior of materials—alloys, composites, ceramics, plastics—is critical to aerospace, defense, and other highly regulated industries. As is data on risks, such as potential restricted substance problems, related to those materials.

Engineering enterprises generate huge quantities of materials data in testing and quality assurance, especially when working with complex advanced materials. Alongside this, they need to find and apply reference data on engineering, economic, and environmental properties. At this open seminar, delegates will discuss how to make best use of all available materials data. Materials engineers can find it a time-consuming, costly, and error-prone process simply to curate this data. Design teams, simulation experts, and others need the right tools to access and then use it. Materials information technology can help. Learn how applying well-managed materials information is supporting leading aerospace enterprises as they innovate, improve quality, and avoid risk.

Join us at the National Institute for Aviation Research this April to share your experiences with other industrial materials scientists, materials engineers, and engineers and managers in areas related to materials. These include: product development, the supply chain, quality, purchasing, warranty, and teams focused on regulatory issues and environmental objectives. You will hear case studies from those in the aerospace industry, see the latest materials information technology, and get the chance to discuss your issues with peers in leading engineering enterprises.

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Join this seminar to:

  • Learn how best practice use of materials information can drive innovation in product development, reduce risk, protect intellectual property, and increase efficiency
  • Hear about the latest industry initiatives, including reports from the Material Data Management Consortium (MDMC)
  • Find out why leading aerospace organizations value reliable, traceable, quality materials information—and the tools to apply it
  • Watch demonstrations of the latest materials information technology in action (including software and best practices to support the latest developments in predictive, multi-scale modeling of composite materials, responding to environmental regulations such as REACH, and more)
  • Network with peers from other leading engineering enterprises
  • Get your questions answered by industry experts
  • Arrange one-on-one meetings with the Granta team in the afternoon


Attendees can now download copies of the booklet and Granta's presentations, linked from the agenda, using the username and password they have been given.

Time Topic Download
8.30am Registration & coffee opens download the booklet
9.00am Introductions Attendee List
9.10am Why are we here? (Nancy Greene, Granta Design)
Why is the management of materials information critical to leading aerospace organizations? This talk will explore this issue and explain why leading aerospace organizations have implemented best practice in this area to save time, protect intellectual property, reduce risk, and support innovation. We will introduce the work of the Material Data Management Consortium (MDMC) and the GRANTA MI materials information management system.
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9.30am Guest Speaker - Doug Hall, Materials & Processes Engineering, Honeywell Aerospace.
A case study of materials information technology in practice at Honeywell Aerospace.
9.55am Guest Speaker - Don Snyder, Manager, Material & Process Engineering and Materials Testing, Cessna.
A further case study discussing how Cessna approach materials information challenges.
10.20am Round table discussion: Value from materials information (Will Marsden, Granta Design)
Identifying key engineering and business challenges for participants, and how better use of materials information could help to address these.
10.50am COFFEE  
11.15am Materials information management with GRANTA MI (Will Marsden, Granta Design)
Presentation and interactive demonstration. How the industry-leading GRANTA MI system can help you to implement best practice management of corporate materials data. We will discuss how to: ensure zero data loss and eliminate duplication of tests; control data—guarantee security and traceability; gain more efficient access to materials information for faster design and materials engineering; increase confidence in data for better, more competitive designs; and assemble the information you need to avoid problems with restricted substance (REACH) and similar challenges.
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11.50am Handling composite information (Debbie Mies, Granta Design)
Composites pose particularly challenging data management problems, owing to their multi-component nature and the dependence of their properties on processing history and geometry. This short talk will outline how these problems have been overcome through the work of the MDMC.
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12.10pm Deploying materials data for business value (Will Marsden, Granta Design)
Having created a ‘gold source’ of controlled materials data, aerospace organization must make sure this data is applied effectively across their businesses. This talk will explore:
  • Granta’s unique MI:Materials Gateway technology which integrates materials data into CAD, CAE, and PLM
  • Minimizing environmental and regulatory risk (e.g., due to restricted substances regulations, such as REACH, or critical material and conflict mineral regulations, such as the Dodd-Frank Act)
  • Materials support for simulation
  • Tools for materials decision support and substitution—supporting a truly-integrated approach to optimizing engineering performance, lowering cost, and avoiding regulatory risk
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12.45pm Wrap-up discussion (Nancy Greene, Granta Design)
Lessons learned and follow up required.
2.00pm NCAT Tour
All seminar attendees are invited to join us on a tour of the National Center for Aviation Training. The tour will visit NCAT facilities covering Virtual Reality, Reverse Engineering, Welding, Sheetmetal, Robotics, Machine Shop, Composites, Advanced Coatings, NDT, a Hangar, Turbine Engine room, Powerplant and Props.
After the tour Opportunity for meetings with the Granta team.  

Why attend?

Materials engineers and materials scientists—do you need to consolidate and use complex materials data from disparate sources? Do limitations in your control of test and analysis results mean that you duplicate work, or find it hard to trace the pedigree of data? Do your designers sometimes use the wrong data? Join us to hear how other organizations address these challenges, with a particular focus on the work of the MDMC Composites Sub-committee.

Simulation experts and design teams—do you need the right reliable, traceable, materials data as input to your simulations or design decisions? Do you waste time searching for this data and experience delays due to use of inconsistent or incorrect data? Do you need tools to help you apply materials data to analyze designs or products? Find out how new technology can help solve these problems.

Senior product development and engineering managers—you make significant investments in PLM systems, materials testing, quality assurance, and purchase and processing of materials. To fully exploit such investments, you need best practice in capturing the right materials data, analyzing it to generate valuable information, and controlling and deploying the results. Join us to find out more!

Managers responsible for supply chain, quality, purchasing, warranty, environmental objectives—how can you guide designers towards corporate preferred materials, optimize costs, and improve compliance with regulations? Join us to see unique tools that help to achieve these goals.

Travel Information

Directions to The National Center for Aviation Training (NCAT), Wichita can be found online:

National Center for Aviation Training
4004 N. Webb Rd
Wichita, KS 67226