Granta Design Seminar—Maximizing Value from Materials Information

Date: Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Location: National Centre for Aviation Training (NCAT), Wichita, KS

The Granta Design Seminar will be hosted by NIAR at NCAT, Wichita, KS on Wednesday, December 10. The meeting is open to anyone with an interest in materials information and its applications in areas including: product development, the supply chain, quality, purchasing, warranty, and meeting environmental and regulatory objectives. This session will provide an opportunity to share problems and experiences with colleagues from other engineering enterprises, to hear and discuss industry case studies, and to see and ask questions about the latest materials information technology.

This event is free of charge, but pre-registration is required and places are limited.

Manage materials data, whatever your medical device application   Materials choice is important for interiors, for aesthetic, cost, and safety reasons   Responding to environmental regulation is a key issue for aerospace   Wind energy   Granta customers include the world's leading aero engine makers

What will be covered?

  • Case studies outlining practical applications of relevance across industry
  • The challenges faced by others seeking to maximize the impact of materials information—and their solutions
  • Demonstrations of the latest materials information technology in action (including new software features and data for materials data management and decision support)
  • An opportunity to put questions to experts in the field
  • Networking with peers in leading engineering organizations

Outline Agenda

Time Topic
8am Registration opens, coffee
8:30am Introduction
8:45am Industry Case Study
Hear from our Guest Speaker, Chris Hurst, Textron
9:15am Panel Discussion: Why Materials Information Technology? (Textron, NIAR)
We will open the seminar with input from panelists on why their organizations see effective management and use of materials information as an important issue for their businesses. A round table discussion will allow participants to share their experiences, priorities, and perspectives.
9.45am Empowering Design and Simulation
This session will review how materials information and tools can be integrated with existing engineering software and systems. What are the issues that you should consider as you seek to:
  • Support investments in simulation (e.g., for structural, crash, or forming applications)
  • Enable design-for-compliance with regulations on restricted substances, environmental impact, and critical materials
  • Save time and eliminate errors in searching for data
10.15am Discussion - Materials data for design and simulation
A chance for attendees to share experiences and challenges in deploying materials data to support design and simulation.
10.30am COFFEE
11am Materials information you can rely on
An introduction to best practice management of corporate materials data. What are the technical requirements and how can these be met?
  • How can we get more value from composite test programs and inform research into new composite solutions?
  • How do we manage complex data on, e.g., sheet steels, high strain-rate properties, high-temperature performance?
  • How can we create a single 'gold source' for materials data, supporting traceability and standardization?
11.30am Discussion - Implementing materials information management
What does it require to implement best practice materials information management in practice? A discussion on practical experiences of attendees and how major challenges can be overcome.
11.45am The materials tools you need
How do you make the right materials choices, or tackle challenges such as the need to substitute materials due to obsolescence, cost, regulation, or global manufacturing? This session will examine the tools that are available to help engineering enterprises make better materials decisions.
12.15pm Wrap up discussion - Business impact
What are the priorities in applying materials data for real business impact? How do organizations go about identifying these priorities and implementing tools to address them?
1.30pm Closed Sessions for Textron Users

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