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Granta runs regular web seminars, including many with guest speakers from world-leading engineering companies, for anyone with an interest in materials information technologies. Some of these webinars are recorded and available to view on demand. These are presented below, sorted by theme.

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Materials Information Management


How Do Industry Leaders Manage Materials Information for the Enterprise?

Guest speakers from General Motors and Molex

General Motors and Molex explain how the latest materials information technology enables consistent, informed decision-making to save time and cost, reduce risk, and support innovation.

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How Aerospace Leaders Manage and Use Materials Information

Guest speakers from Boeing, Honeywell and NASA

Hear from four members of the Material Data Management Consortium (Boeing, Honeywell, NASA, and Granta Design) discussed the management and use of critical data describing composites, alloys, and other aerospace materials.

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Managing and Using Materials Information in the Aerospace Industry

Guest speaker: Doug Hall from Honeywell Aerospace

Find out why and how major aerospace enterprises manage and use materials information. Honeywell explains how they plan, implement, and apply their materials information systems using the GRANTA MI software, and the outline the resulting benefits.

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How automotive leaders manage and use materials information

Guest speakers from Jaguar Land Rover and TRW Automotive

Learn from both an OEM and a supplier perspective about the strategic importance of materials. Discover why a robust, fit-for-purpose, materials information management system is a crucial requirement for today's automotive industry.

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Managing composites data in GRANTA MI: complexities and benefits

Guest speaker: Nicolas Capelle from EUROCOPTER (now Airbus Helicopters)

Hear first-hand how Airbus Helicopters, like other major aerospace, defense, and energy organizations, are managing their mission critical materials data, and the importance of best practice composites data management.

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Supporting composites qualification and equivalency processes

Guest speakers from National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR)

Experts from the National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR) at Wichita State University joined Granta to present tools that help companies to implement rigorous, auditable composite qualification and equivalency processes.

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Materials Intelligence for Challenging Engineering Environments

Guest speaker: Thomas Kraenzler from Sulzer Pumps

Discover tools to optimize material decision-making; enforce "preferred" material programs; and assess supply chain or regulatory compliance risk. Understand why fit-for-purpose materials intelligence is a crucial requirement in today's industry.

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Materials Challenges for Wind Turbines

Guest speaker: Dr Ian Stewart from Vestas Blades Technology

Discover the importance of materials information technology to materials challenges in the design and manufacture of wind turbines.

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Materials Information Management for Additive Manufacturing

Learn about Granta's solution for managing the vital data relating to Additive Manufacturing in your team, enterprise, or research project. The GRANTA MI:Additive Manufacturing package has been developed based on experience of world-leading Additive Manufacturing projects.

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Restricted Substances


Assessing restricted substance content in surface treatment specifications

Guest speaker: Laura Wilkinson from Rolls-Royce

Watch this webinar to to find out how access to data from SAE will help you identify which substances are contained in surface treatment specifications in order to comply with product reporting requirements, or to avoid risk during product design.
Understand why in-house and industry specifications are important to Rolls-Royce in assessing risk driven by substance regulation.

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Experiences in restricted substance risk management

Guest speaker: Peter Mezey from Boeing

Watch this webinar to find out how manufacturing enterprises are meeting the challenges posed by restricted substances at every level: from executives concerned with corporate liability, to engineers making practical materials choices.
Learn from the experience of Boeing and other EMIT Consortium members and see the GRANTA MI system they use to meet these challenges.

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Materials Intelligence for Simulation, CAD and PLM


Materials information – why it matters, and how to get it in CAD and PLM

Guest speaker: Mark Fischer from PTC

Find out from Granta Design and PTC why quality materials information and property data is essential in product engineering. Get a tour of the sample materials data covering 120 representative engineering materials, now available at no extra cost to every user of Creo.

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Best practice in the preparation and use of materials data for simulation

This webinar was hosted by Dassault Systèmes

Discover the role of materials data through each stage of the simulation lifecycle, demonstrating how full traceability can be maintained going from raw test data to simulation-ready data that is imported into Abaqus/CAE.

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Materials property data for Abaqus/CAE

Guest speaker: Dennis Corain from SIMULIA, Dassault Systèmes

Find out how the MI:Materials Gateway for Abaqus/CAE application provides access to validated CAE materials models from directly within the leading simulation software from the SIMULIA brand of Dassault Systèmes.

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Material Intelligence for PLM and CAD

Learn about the latest trends in connecting traceable corporate materials knowledge to enterprise Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems.

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Material Intelligence for Simulation

How can you get direct access to valid materials data and property models?

Watch this webinar to discover how you can save time and ensure use of consistent, quality materials data and model parameters across your organization, so that your simulations are based on reliable input data.

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Materials Selection and Substitution


Quickly validate your choice of materials

Guest speaker: Laurent Cruaux from Brush

Watch this webinar to hear how Brush Electrical Machines Ltd, a leading electrical equipment manufacturer, uses its material intelligence to quickly validate its choice of materials, improving product performance and reducing costs.

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How to combine materials to optimize performance?

Guest speaker: Benjamin Hornblow from FORCE Technology

Learn about how the data and tools in CES Selector help to quickly identify candidate materials and investigate how they can be combined to achieve optimal performance.
Hear from FORCE Technology how they designed a lightweight composite longboard using these tools.

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Selecting and comparing industrial Additive Manufacturing Machines & Materials with the Senvol Database™

Guest speaker: Zach Simkin from Senvol

Find out how you can access the Senvol Database™, the largest collection of data for Additive Manufacturing, and how this dataset can be used to compare materials' performance for a target application.

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Minimizing risk when selecting or changing materials

Guest speaker: Mark Yeoman from Continuum Blue

Find out how to reduce the cost and risk associated with the specification of a new material, avoiding extensive test, modelling, characterization and prototype programs.
Dr Mark Yeoman, of Continuum Blue, talks about how he used CES Selector to identify candidate materials for chemical containers and inkjet cartridges.

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Identifying new uses and markets for your materials

Guest speaker: Dr Alan Wood from Victrex Polymer Solutions

Learn about highly visual tools for comparing the performance, cost, and environmental impact of all classes of engineering materials. This enables you to quickly establish the benefits and limitations of your materials, relative to the competition, allowing you focus on the most promising markets and material developments.

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Materials selection and substitution for medical devices: Combining powerful software tools

Learn about how to select materials for new medical products, or find substitute materials, combining Granta's CES Selector software with ASM's in-depth database of medical materials. This creates a powerful tool for those involved in medical device design.

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Accessing an 'encyclopaedia' of materials data

See how to access an extensive set of databases covering all classes of materials and a methodology to enable you to quickly identify the most suitable candidate materials for a given engineering application, saving valuable time and cost.

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