How to minimize trial-and-error in additive manufacturing qualification

How to minimize trial-and-error in additive manufacturing qualification


Guest speakers: ANSYS

Granta and ANSYS have partnered to provide powerful combined solution for Additive Manufacturing simulation and data management. In this on-demand webinar, with guest speakers Brent Stucker and Zack Francis, from ANSYS, see the first phase of our joint solution along with the roadmap for further development.

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What you will learn

  • Understand how best practice AM data management and simulation can help you optimize the AM process with full traceability and support digital thread and digital twin
  • Learn how to set-up AM process simulation models using ANSYS
  • Apply automatically-generated simulation material models, supported by complete pedigree information from GRANTA MI
  • Validate simulation and calibrate AM processes through effective comparison of simulation results with empirical tests
  • Hear about best practice for managing process data from the entire AM lifecycle, including powders, builds, parts, tests, and simulation.

Who will benefit?

  • AM project managers
  • AM specialists
  • Key stakeholders in engineering management, such as VPs, manufacturing engineers, materials engineers, and simulation engineers.

About the presenters

Dr. Brent Stucker Brent Stucker, Ph.D. is director of Additive Manufacturing (AM) at ANSYS. He was the first chairman for ASTM International Committee F42 on Additive Manufacturing Technologies, and was elected to the ASTM International Board of Directors in 2015. He has received numerous AM awards, holds various patents, has authored and co-authored over 200 technical publications on AM, and presented over 250 technical talks. He was a professor from 1997-2015, with various appointments at the University of Louisville, Utah State University, the University of Rhode Island, and VTT Technical Research Center, Finland.
Zack Francis Zack Francis is a developer on the additive manufacturing team at ANSYS, where he works on validating the software against experimental results as well as expanding the applications of additive manufacturing simulation. Zack has also worked with customers to guide their use of ANSYS AM simulation capabilities to identify and mitigate issues in the additive build process, reducing costly trial and error.
Nic Austin Nic Austin joined Granta as a Consultant in 2008, working to establish the MI:Materials Gateway platform, which integrates Granta's technology into the world of CAD, CAE, and PLM. Following his graduation from Trinity College, Cambridge with a degree in Natural Sciences, Nic developed his career in the emerging world of scientific simulation and informatics software, reaching the position of Vice President of R&D for Accelrys, based at their San Diego, CA, headquarters. In his current role as Granta's Chief Architect, Nic's principle objective is to steer the strategic development of Granta's core software platforms.


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