Broadcast One

Wed, Jan 25

  • London: 10.00
  • Paris: 11.00
Broadcast Two

Wed, Jan 25

  • Los Angeles: 9.00
  • New York: 12.00
  • London: 17.00
  • Paris: 18.00

Avoid using the wrong materials

Join us on Wednesday, January 25 to find out how to avoid increased costs and program delays caused by using sub-optimal materials. Discover materials data and tools to quickly evaluate all your options, from the world of materials to your company‘s preferred materials.

Register for this no-cost webinar to:

  • Learn how to avoid wasting time and effort by investigating the wrong materials
  • Understand how to quickly identify the most appropriate candidate materials for a target application before comitting to a design or material solution
  • Discover a unique materials data source that provides complete and comparable data on all classes of materials
  • See a demonstration of the data and tools in CES Selector being applied to an industrial case study.

Further information

Visualizing the full range of bulk engineering
materials in property spaceUsing the wrong material can lead to many issues. During development it leads to additional modelling, prototype and test iterations—resulting in increased costs and program delays. When sub-optimal materials are introduced in the production parts, this can lead to unnecessary costs, sourcing problems, issues with compliance, sub-optimal design and poor performance—which can eventually damage the company reputation.

Who should join the web seminar?

This session will be of particular interest to:

  • Materials specialists
  • Product engineers, design engineers, and general engineering.

About the presenter

Dr. Charlie Bream is the Senior Product Manager for CES Selector at Granta Design. After completing his PhD on recycling of thermoset composites at Brunel University, he spent 15 years in industry working on the development of lightweight materials and structures for British Aerospace (Space Systems), Pera International, and NXT before joining Granta in 2007.