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Supporting composites qualification and equivalency processes

Guest speakers from National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR)

In this webinar experts from the National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR) at Wichita State University joined Granta to present tools to help you implement rigorous, auditable composite qualification and equivalency processes. Granta showed the latest composite data management software and the new Composites QED reference data, containing unpublished data from NCAMP, which makes it easier to qualify composites and to establish equivalency.

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Watch this webinar to:

  • See a demonstration of how to use the GRANTA MI software and the new Composites QED reference data to support composite Qualification, Equivalency and Design
  • Learn about the underlying qualification process and statistical analysis to generate design allowables, and software available to support your qualification workflow
  • Learn how you can manage all of your valuable test, analysis, and design data.

Comparing composites compression test data in the new Composites QED data module

Comparing composites compression test data in the Composites QED data module.

The Composites QED data module contains data for over 40 established composite materials systems used in the aerospace industry. It includes design data, materials pedigree, information on constituent materials (fiber reinforcements, polymer matrices, intermediates and laminates) and supporting test data, including over 7,500 new raw data curves from NCAMP testing, for up to four standard conditions. The data can be used on its own for access to design data and to support materials selection and screening, or in combination with proprietary data to support qualification processes, including generation of design allowables, proof of equivalency, and variability analysis. The data is provided within the GRANTA MI materials information management system, making it quick and easy to browse, query, and apply through a simple web browser user interface.

This session will be of particular interest to:

  • Materials specialists, engineers and designers who are involved in the generation of design allowables and proof of equivalency.

About the presenters

Dr Donna Dykeman, Senior Project Manager, Collaborative R&D, coordinates Granta's involvement in projects and groups in areas including composites, manufacturing, built environment and eco design.

Dr Sarah Egan, Product Manager, Data Product Solutions, is responsible for developing innovative materials information resources at Granta for design and engineering applications.

Royal Lovingfoss, NIAR, Director of NCAMP, introduces NCAMP/NIAR and answers questions about the NCAMP process.

Dr Beth Clarkson, NIAR, Statistician, presents statistical measures used in the NCAMP datasets and answers questions.

Rachael Andrulonis, NIAR, Senior Research Engineer/CMH-17 Secretariat, speaks about the CMH-17 Handbook.