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Selecting and comparing industrial Additive Manufacturing Machines & Materials with the Senvol Database™

Guest speaker: Zach Simkin from Senvol

Watch this webinar to find out how you can access the Senvol Database™, the largest collection of data for Additive Manufacturing, and how this dataset can be used to compare materials' performance for a target application.

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Watch this webinar to:

    Comparing a new composite material with the performance of other composites, plastics, and metals
  • Learn how to access the largest collection of data on industrial Additive Manufacturing machines & materials
  • Find out how to identify Additive Manufacturing machines and materials based on product requirements
  • See how to visualize and understand the similarities and differences in performance
  • Learn how to select the right material considering the technologies available.

Further information

There is currently huge interest in Additive Manufacturing and the benefits it offers for the production of low volumes of highly complex and custom parts. This can be driven by savings made in avoiding the use of expensive tooling, avoiding the need to keep a store of spare parts (often for years), customizing parts to individuals, or the creation of geometries and structures that cannot be achieved through conventional manufacturing techniques. The challenge in using these materials is the range of technology available, and the fact that the final performance is highly dependent on both the raw material feedstock and the machine that is used to process it. How do engineers make the right choices?

This webinar will focus on the Senvol Database™, the largest collection of data on Industrial Additive Manufacturing Machines & Materials, which is now available through Granta’s CES Selector and GRANTA MI software.

This session will be of particular interest to:

  • Anyone specifying or implementing Additive Manufacturing projects
  • Materials specialists
  • Project engineers, product engineers, development engineers and designers.

About the presenters

Zach SimkinZach Simkin is the President of Senvol, the industry leader in data for Additive Manufacturing. Zach’s particular area of focus is on commercializing Additive Manufacturing data in ways that are valuable to industry. Zach is fully engaged in a variety of activities throughout the Additive Manufacturing industry—he serves on the Data Integrity Advisory Group for America Makes, and leads Senvol’s work on the America Makes “Design Guidance System for AM” project, which is being done in collaboration with Georgia Tech University, Siemens, Stratasys, Lockheed Martin, and UT-Austin, among others. Additionally, Zach is a member of the ASTM F42 Committee for Additive Manufacturing Technologies and the SAE AMS-AM Additive Manufacturing Committee. He has been published in top industry journals, and has also been a featured speaker at numerous industry trade shows and conferences, such as RAPID, the Chem Show, and AM3D.

Dr Sarah EganDr Sarah Egan, Product Manager, Data Product Solutions, is responsible for developing innovative materials information resources at Granta for design and engineering applications. She has led projects that have developed a series of innovative knowledge resources for medical device materials and, more recently, for human biological materials. Dr Egan's background in materials engineering for medical applications includes a PhD in Biomaterials from the University of Cambridge and an MEng in Materials Engineering in Medicine from Queen Mary College, University of London.