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Supporting a rigorous, auditable composite qualification process

Granta ran a web seminar in March 2015 to present its new software solution and servicethat supports a rigorous, auditable composite qualification process, particularly where data traceability is important for regulatory and other purposes. A recording is available—complete the form at the bottom of this page.

Composite data

Comparing composite test data

Web seminar contents:

  • Learn how the GRANTA MI:Composites Package has been developed in collaboration with industry-leading engineering enterprises, enabling them to manage all of the valuable data associated with composite development, testing, qualification, and design.
  • See new software tools that help with key tasks in the composite qualification process, such as defining a test program, importing data from test machines into a central database, or reporting on the progress of your qualification program.
  • Hear about a new composites qualification implementation service that helps an engineering enterprise to configure a software system to its specific needs, for example, setting up data import tools to automatically process data from a particular test machine.
  • Assess the benefits of a systematic approach to composite information, including reduced errors, fewer delays, protection for vital corporate intellectual property, and up-to-the-minute reporting at every step in the process.

About the presenters

Dan WilliamsDan Williams, Product Manager for GRANTA MI

Dan Williams is responsible for ensuring that Granta Design's leading materials information software meets the needs of industry. A physics graduate from Oxford University, he has worked with dozens of engineering organizations in aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, and other industries to solve challenges related to materials information management and material selection.

Ben Meyer, Senior Application Engineer

Ben Meyer manages a team of Application Engineers who work with Granta customers to diagnose their materials information management needs and specify solutions that meet their requirements. An engineering graduate from the University of Cambridge, he worked at Rolls-Royce Aero Engines for 6 years as a Finite Element Analyst and Collaborative Research Project Coordinator before joining Granta. In his time at Granta, Ben has worked with companies across many different countries, industries, and materials interests.

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