Broadcast One

Weds, Mar 18

  • London: 15:00
  • Paris: 16.00
  • New York: 11:00
  • Los Angeles: 08:00

Product Risk and the Circular Economy in Product Design

Minimizing product risk (e.g., relating to materials supply, price volatility, environmental impact, or human health) is increasingly important for manufacturing businesses. So is increased resource efficiency. Transitioning to more circular models of business is one way to achieve these goal. But how do we consider product risk, resource efficiency, and circularity in real-world product development, constrained by time, cost and performance? At this webinar, Granta Design will be joined by Circular Economy experts from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to discuss new approaches that answer this question.

The webinar will demonstrate GRANTA MI:Product Intelligence—new tools that enable product designers to test product concepts quickly. We will also describe an innovative methodology for calculating a Material Circularity Indicator for products, and show how this might be applied alongside complementary indicators on energy usage, CO2 footprint, critical materials risk, restricted substance risk, and more.

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Join us to:

  • Learn about key drivers for considering product risk and circularity, including regulatory drivers
  • Understand the importance of materials and process decisions in the practical delivery of reduced risk and increased circularity
  • Hear about the results of the 'Circularity Indicators' project, which has developed an indicator for product circularity
  • Consider what other indicators are required to help design more circular products and lower product risk – examples include material circularity, energy usage, CO2 footprint, critical materials and restricted substance risk, toxicity, and cost
  • See a case study that demonstrates practical use of these metrics and tools, enabling designers to evaluate product concepts and make decisions

Who should attend?

This session is ideal for:

  • Product developers, engineers and designers
  • Product manufacturers
  • Procurement professionals with an interest in ensuring product design helps them to meet their objectives
  • Managers of Product Development or Engineering

About the presenters

This webinar will be co-presented by Granta Design and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. The Foundation are leaders in the development of Circular Economy thinking, and coordinate the Circular Economy 100, of which Granta is a member.