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Materials Information Management for Additive Manufacturing

Granta presented a webinar in March 2015 on its new solution for managing the vital data relating to Additive Manufacturing in your team, enterprise, or research project. The GRANTA MI:Additive Manufacturing package has been developed based on experience of world-leading Additive Manufacturing projects. You can watch a recording by completing the form at the bottom of this page.

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Web seminar content:

  • Find out about the role of materials information management in projects such as AMAZE, a major 28-organization collaboration focused on rapid production of large defect-free additively-manufactured metallic components
  • See the new GRANTA MI:Additive Manufacturing software package in action
  • Hear how you could manage all of your Additive Manufacturing data in one place, with full traceability
  • Learn how such an approach could: protect your investment and IP in Additive Manufacturing Research; build the knowledge base required to enable better understanding of your Additive Manufacturing processes; reduce time-to-market; and help to future-proof your research, reducing the risk of later certification or qualification problems

About the presenters

James GoddinDr James Goddin

James Goddin is the Collaborative Programme Manager at Granta, maintaining a strategic view on Granta involvement in all collaborative R&D projects. He is a registered chartered engineer and previously spent ten years at the UK Building Research Establishment, where he consulted on materials durability issues and led a range of innovative R&D projects. He has been closely involved with Granta's work on the AMAZE collaborative project and in the subsequent development of the MI:Additive Manufacturing Package.

Dan WilliamsDr Will Marsden

Will is Granta's Product Director for Aerospace, Defense & Energy. His experience includes research at Rolls-Royce and DERA, and management of the composites group for a finite element software organization. He coordinates the work of the Material Data Management Consortium (MDMC).

Joshua Scharnweber

Joshua Scharnweber is a Material Information Consultant at Granta Design, working closely with engineering organizations to implement the GRANTA MI system so that it meets their specific materials information management needs. He has been a Technical Lead in Granta's involvement on the AMAZE collaborative project and has developed the database structure ('schema') used in the MI:Additive Manufacturing Package.