Broadcast Two

Tue, May 26

  • London: 17.00
  • Paris: 18.00
  • Los Angeles: 9.00
  • New York: 12.00

Identifying uses and markets for materials

Join our webinar on Tuesday, May 26, to find out how CES Selector can help materials producers, and others developing new materials and structures, to rapidly identify markets for existing products or position new materials in the marketplace.

  • Find out about the factors that influence the choice of materials for a target application
  • Discover the importance of positioning materials correctly in the market
  • Watch a practical case study focused on how CES Selector's tools can help:
    • Identify gaps in the market that could be filled by new materials, or find new applications for current materials
    • Demonstrate how the positioning of different materials changes with target application
  • Learn how to communicate the benefits of your materials against the competition with clear, compelling materials property charts

Further information

CES Selector 2015The development, launch and promotion of materials is both time-consuming and costly. In order to maximize the likelihood of success, it is important to understand both: how your materials compare against the competition, and the types of application where your material will excel.

The data and visualization tools in CES Selector enable you to readily analyze the market for gaps that could be filled by new materials, or find new applications for current materials. You can explore the potential of new material solutions before starting costly development and test programs. This enables to cut time and cost, and increase the likelihood of success while you develop, launch and promote your materials.

Join this webinar on Tuesday, May 26 to see you how CES Selector provides ready access to a vast quantity of data on engineering materials, and highly visual comparison tools for rapidly identifying and communicating diferences between material candidates for a target application.

Who should join the web seminar?

This session will be of particular interest to:

  • Product designers, engineers, materials specialists and researchers who work developing new materials.
  • Technical marketing managers responsible for identifying markets for existing products or positioning new materials in the marketplace.
  • Technical sales managers responsible for demonstrating the benefits of their materials against the competition.

About the presenter

Dr. Charlie Bream is the Senior Product Manager for CES Selector at Granta Design. After completing his PhD on recycling of thermoset composites at Brunel University, he spent 14 years in industry working on the development of lightweight materials and structures for British Aerospace (Space Systems), Pera International, and NXT before joining Granta in 2007.

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