Broadcast One

Wed, Apr 22

  • London: 10.00
  • Paris: 11.00
Broadcast Two

Wed, Apr 22

  • London: 17.00
  • Paris: 18.00
  • Los Angeles: 9.00
  • New York: 12.00

Reducing the risk associated with the selection of composite materials

Join our webinar on Wednesday, Apr 22, to find out how CES Selector can help reduce the risks associated with selecting and specifying composite materials.

  • Find out about the challenges involved in selecting and specifying new composites
  • Learn how to compare the performance of different composite systems for a target application
  • Watch a practical case study focused on how CES Selector can help:
    • Assess the cost-performance trade-off between metals, polymers, and composites
    • Find suppliers and compare performance for different composite systems (using the Firehole Composites dataset)
  • Discover how you can save time, effort and cost when identifying the most appropiate material choices from the early stages of the design process onwards

Further information

Plotting tensile strength and modulus for the continuous fiber reinforced polymer composite grades described in the data module. Using the Firehole Composites data module with Granta software makes it quick and easy to create such plots and make comparisons for a wide range of materials properties
Composite materials have a growing importance, particularly in high-performance engineering applications. Anyone selecting these materials, designing products that use them, or even marketing them, needs good data on their properties and processing, and good tools to apply this data.

CES Selector provides ready access to a vast quantity of data on composites and competing materials, and tools to quickly identify the most appropriate grade for the target application. These tools allow you to find, plot and compare materials data, highlighting differences in performance that could lead to issues later in the development cycle.

Join this webinar on Wednesday, April 22 to find out how CES Selector can save you time, effort and cost, allowing you to gain confidence and present results in highly visual property charts to help understanding and communication of your material choices.

Who should join the web seminar?

This session will be of particular interest to:

  • Product designers, engineers, and materials specialists who work with composite materials.
  • Materials experts responsible for: recommending materials to designers, advising purchasing, or resolving composite materials issues.

About the presenter

Dr. Charlie Bream is the Senior Product Manager for CES Selector at Granta Design. After completing his PhD on recycling of thermoset composites at Brunel University, he spent 14 years in industry working on the development of lightweight materials and structures for British Aerospace (Space Systems), Pera International, and NXT before joining Granta in 2007.

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