Broadcast One: Timed for Europe

Weds, February 26

  • London: 4pm
  • Paris:  5pm
  • Los Angeles: 8am
  • New York: 11am

Material Selection and Substitution for Medical Applications

This session has now passed. Archived information follows.

If you need to select materials for new medical products, or find substitute materials, join our short online seminar on Wednesday, February 26. We will be discussing the importance of materials selection for medical devices and instruments, as well as demonstrating Granta's tools and their exciting new capabilities to help you make the right materials choices faster.

  • Understand the benefits of a systematic approach to selecting materials for surgical, orthopaedic, cardiovascular, and drug delivery devices and packaging.
  • Learn how to overcome key obstacles to systematic selection, for example: conducting an exhaustive search for suitable materials, navigating the wide choice of commercially available plastic and elastomer grades, ensuring an audit trail for your material selection, making searches reproducible.
  • See the capabilities and new features of CES Selector 2014, combining tools to support systematic selection with engineering, economic, and medical data for plastics, metals, ceramics, and natural materials.
  • Find out how to quickly identify the most likely materials and processing alternatives, and then use the latest information resources for in-depth research on these options.

Materials selection chart—click for a higher resolution image

Using the CES Selector software to identify candidate plastics for a medical application.

About the presenter

Dr Sarah Egan   Dr. Sarah Egan, Granta Design

Dr. Sarah Egan has led projects at Granta Design that have developed a series of innovative knowledge resources for medical device materials and, more recently, for human biological materials. Dr Egan's background in materials engineering for medical applications includes a PhD in Biomaterials from the University of Cambridge and an MEng in Materials Engineering in Medicine from Queen Mary College, University of London. As Medical Devices Product Manager at Granta she currently specializes in the compilation and application of materials data, the development and implementation of software for materials selection, and systems to enable materials information management in the medical device industry.

Who should join the web seminar?

  • Speed the design of new and improved devicesAny materials scientist, engineer, or designer in a medical device or related company—learn about practical tools that will help you to choose materials more effectively, and to ensure an audit trail for your decisions
  • Managers in medical device design or development—find out how Granta works with leading engineering enterprises to ensure a more systematic, consistent, and auditable design and development process