Three ways to find out how CES Selector 2014 supports materials decisions—January & February 2014

These three short web seminars will demonstrate how the new CES Selector 2014 enables materials experts and product development teams to find, exlore, and apply materials property data.

Date Time Topic
Jan 29



1. Enabling Materials Decisions with CES Selector 2014
(This event is now passed).
Feb 4 2. Metals Equivalency in CES Selector 2014
(This event is now passed).
Feb 6 3. Polymer Replacement and Substitution with CES Selector 2014
(This event is now passed).

Each hour-long session will contain presentations, case studies, and software demonstrations with the new CES Selector 2014 software, as well as opportunities for question and answers with the presenters.

Note: These web seminars will cover similar material to the series we ran in September and October, but will be broadcast earlier in the day to enable those in other timezones to take part.

1. Enabling materials decisions—Wednesday, January 29

This short web seminar will provide an introduction to CES Selector™ 2014 and how it can support your materials decisions:

  • CES Selector 2014"What does CES Selector 2014 do for me?"—demonstrating how the latest release can meet your needs.
  • How to browse, plot, compare, and understand materials data.
  • How CES Selector works in practice—see it in case study demonstrations.
  • How to achieve a systematic, auditable, and repeatable approach to material selection.
  • How to find material replacements and identify risks associated with changes in performance.
  • How to support the increasingly important areas of environmental and lightweight design.

2. Metals Equivalency—Tuesday, February 4

CES Metal Selector 2014 combines the core functionality of CES Selector with two specialist datasets to help engineers and materials experts who need to use information on specific metals specifications and designations. At the webinar you will see:

  • A presentation and live demonstration of the latest software, techniques and databases to assist with metals equivalency.
  • How you can access over 100 years of the World Metals Index's (WMI) metals data and the unique compilation of information in TWI Consumables from The Welding Institute.
  • How the updated Find Similar tools in CES Selector 2014 can help identify replacement materials, even when there is insufficient information for a full selection project
  • .How to use the chemical composition, mechanical properties, forms, delivery conditions, and supplier data for over 2,500 steels (440 of which are stainless steels) in the StahlDat SX data (the official compilation of all registered and maintained European Standards for steels according to EN10027-2, known as the European Register of Steels or Stahl-Eisen-Liste).
  • Case studies on steel equivalency

3. Polymer replacement and substitution—Thursday, February 6

Product designers increasingly need to balance performance, cost, processability and eco-impact in choosing the right materials for new products, redesigns, or global equivalence. Join this webinar to see:

  • Graphical selection methods helped Tecumseh save 2 million eurosThe importance of selection and substitution.
  • Specialist polymer data in CES Selector 2014 (including M-Base, CAMPUS, IDES, RAPRA ).
  • Key principles and tools for both rational selection and substitution—including an enhanced version of the 'find similar' tool which can help suggest alternatives even when there is insufficient information for a rational selection project.
  • Demonstration of key use cases, including: finding alternative suppliers / grades; finding a new material grade with comparable properties; selecting the optimal performance; and finding materials based on their use in some applications.

Who should join the web seminars?

Any materials scientist, engineer, or designer—see case studies that demonstrate the value of CES Selector in improving the quality, consistency, and efficiency of materials decisions, and in helping you to present and justify your recommendations.

Past CES Selector users—if you have not tried the software recently, now is a great time to take another look! See the major developments to the software and associated data in recent years.

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