Broadcast One

Weds, Feb 19

  • London: 4pm
  • Paris: 5pm
  • New York: 11am
  • Los Angeles: 8am

Latest tools to access and apply ASME materials data

New access to fatigue data and support for multinational use

This session has now passed. Archived information follows.

This short web seminar will demonstrate fast, efficient, digital access to industry-standard materials data from ASME, coupled with tools to analyze and apply this data. Find out how you can save time, ensure accuracy and consistency, and make optimal design decisions with confidence.

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) maintains the Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (BPVC), a leading source of standards information and specifications relating to materials for use in boilers, pressure vessels, and power plant components. Granta Design provides an electronic version of this data as a module within the GRANTA MI materials information management system, making it easy to search, browse, compare, and apply. A new version of the this data module has just been released, adding both US Customary and Metric versions of the data, access to the latest 2013 ASME data, and extending coverage to include fatigue design curves.

At the web seminar, you will see this latest data module, together with tools to apply it and integrate it into design (including access from within CAD and CAE). You will also hear how the ASME data is applied within GRANTA MI in industry.

CES Selector homepage

ASME data in GRANTA MI—easy to search and browse.


Materials property chart

Datasheet shows temperature-dependent properties in an interactive graph.

What will you see at the webinar?

  • How the valuable ASME BPV Code materials property data is available in a user-friendly, electronic format that provides efficient, consistent access to engineers across project teams and organizations.
  • How the Granta ASME data module is used in practice.
  • The importance of treating US Customary and SI (Metric) unit systems separately—how the Granta solution now supports requirements for either or both of these unit systems.
  • New fatigue data now available in the database.
  • The use of comparison tools in GRANTA MI to get more value from the data in design and engineering.
  • How engineers can now access this data within CAD and CAE via the MI:Materials Gateway technology.

About the presenter

Dr. Will Marsden, Product Director for Aerospace, Defense & Energy at Granta Design Dr. Will Marsden, Product Director for Aerospace, Defense & Energy at Granta Design, began his career within the aerospace materials community as a Rolls-Royce research engineer in 1989. At post-doctorate level, he specialized in material model formulations that describe composite damage mechanisms within finite element codes. He continued work in this area at DERA, the research agency of the UK Ministry of Defense, and then managed the composites group for a commercial provider of finite element software. Will joined Granta in 2001, since when he has been responsible for products that support the aerospace, defense, and energy sectors. He has coordinated the work of the Material Data Management Consortium (MDMC), an industry collaboration that helps to define and implement best practice. Will has a BSc in Materials Engineering and PhD in composites fracture mechanics from the University of Surrey.

Who should join the web seminar?

This webinar is ideal for:

  • Process Engineers
  • Designers
  • Materials Scientists

In the following sectors:

  • Conventional and Nuclear Energy
  • Chemical Process Industries
  • Oil & Gas
  • Manufacturing of equipment such as Valves and Pumps

You will see how efficient digital access to key industry-standard information from ASME, coupled with tools to analyze and apply this data, can save you time, ensure accuracy and consistency across projects, and help you make optimal design decisions with confidence.