Broadcast One

Weds, Oct 29

  • London: 16.00
  • Paris: 17.00
  • Los Angeles: 9.00
  • New York: 12.00

The Business Case for Materials Information Management in Aerospace Enterprises

Granta customers include the world's leading aero engine makers Responding to environmental regulation is a key issue for aerospace

Includes Rolls-Royce case study

Join Granta Design and our guest speaker, Amandeep Mhay from Rolls-Royce, to learn why and how major aerospace enterprises manage and use materials information.

You will learn how Rolls-Royce has approached creating a single, fully-traceable, easy-to-use source of corporate materials information. Granta Design will discuss further examples of such projects and how they are implemented, and explain the resulting business benefits. These include not only enhanced productivity for Material & Process teams, but also reduced risk, protection from regulatory issues, and improved innovation across user organizations.

  • Learn about the importance of materials information management to leading aerospace enterprises.
  • Hear case studies, including how Rolls-Royce planned and progressed their materials information management system, and learn from this experience.
  • See the latest version of the GRANTA MI software in action, and understand how it simplifies the management and use of complex materials data (for example, on aero alloys or composites), giving you confidence in the pedigree of this data.
  • Understand how materials information management supports other business and engineering systems, e.g., ensuring use of approved data in CAD or CAE. 
  • Find out how aerospace organizations have built the business case for material data management, and the resulting benefits in productivity, risk reduction, and innovation.

Who should join the web seminar?

Managers concerned with materials engineering, regulatory compliance (e.g., for ITAR, REACH, or critical materials), design, or simulation.

Materials specialists or engineers involved in product development, QA, testing, or research in the aerospace and related sectors.

About the presenters

Amandeep Mhay is an Engineering Manager at Rolls-Royce, a global provider of complex, integrated power systems and services to the aerospace and marine/industrial power systems markets. Rolls-Royce are an established Granta customer and member of the Materials Data Management Consortium (MDMC), an industry consortium focused on developing effective, powerful, and flexible enterprise software systems for managing critical materials information. 

Dr Will Marsden is Granta's Product Director for Aerospace, Defense & Energy. His experience includes research at Rolls-Royce and DERA, and management of the composites group for a finite element software organization. He coordinates the work of the Material Data Management Consortium (MDMC).