Broadcast One

Weds, Nov 12

  • London: 10.00
  • Paris: 11.00
Broadcast Two

Weds, Nov 12

  • London: 17.00
  • Paris: 18.00
  • Los Angeles: 9.00
  • New York: 12.00

Supporting a materials strategy with CAD/CAE integration

Includes first demonstration of new Materials Gateway for HyperMesh

Join Granta Design on Wednesday, November 12 to see the latest technology for integrating CAD and CAE tools into a managed materials information strategy—including the first presentation and demonstration of the new GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway for HyperMesh.

Design engineers and simulation specialists are the ‘customers’ of managed materials property information. Fast, intuitive access to the data they need, and in the specific format(s) they need, saves hours of time, while full traceability of the data and information ‘pedigree’ ensures consistent high quality materials modeling across design and CAE teams. This has been a topic of consistently high importance for the aerospace and defense companies in the Materials Data Management Consortium (MDMC).

What you'll get from next week's webinar:

  • Find out how GRANTA MI:Materials Gateway provides direct access to valid materials data for CAD and CAE, including automated generation of the required CAE material model parameters.
  • See the latest tools for assigning materials to design models, and the insight on resulting product implications provided by analytics tools.
  • Learn about the broad range of leading systems that are supported 'out-of-the-box' – Abaqus/CAE, ANSYS Workbench, Autodesk Inventor, CATIA, Pro/ENGINEER, Creo, and Siemens NX.
  • See live software demonstrations, including the new MI:Materials Gateway for HyperMesh, the powerful pre-processor from Altair’s HyperWorks suite.
  • Understand the handling of CAE materials models, including version control notification when opening older FEA models.
  • Explore alternative workflows, including the ability to provide data directly to CAE solver ‘card’ formats, such as Nastran, RADIOSS, PAM-STAMP, or LS-DYNA.

Who should join the web seminar?

Managers of CAD and CAE process improvement—see how you can save time and ensure use of consistent, quality materials data across your organization so that your simulations are based on reliable input data.

Users of CAD and CAE—find out how you can quickly and interactively browse and search materials data, find valid models, and assign them for use in simulation and analysis.

Materials and process specialists—learn how you can deploy materials data quickly and reliably for use in CAE simulation across your company, ensuring use of accurate, approved data, and that the corporate materials knowledge you develop is applied effectively.

About the presenters

Dr Arthur Fairfull has specialised in the development, implementation and marketing of materials information systems for over twenty-five years.  Arthur held several data management-related positions at MSC Software, latterly as Director in Simulation Data Management.  Joining Granta in 2006, he now drives Granta's PLM integration initiatives—delivering new software applications that apply materials data in the context of wider engineering or business decisions.  Arthur has a BSc in mechanical engineering and a PhD in materials science.