Broadcast One

Thursday, Feb 6

  • London: 10am
  • Paris: 11am
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Polymer replacement and substitution with CES Selector 2014

This session has now passed: Archived information follows.

When faced with changing design requirements, new regulations that could render current materials obsolete, or supply chain disruptions, you need quick access to critical information on composition and properties (e.g., tensile strength or durability) to make the optimal substitutions, as well as data on suppliers and regional availability.

At this web seminar you can see how the unique combination of software and data in the latest CES Selector 2014 can address these challenges and turn your material substitution projects from a trauma into an opportunity.

What will I see at the webinar?

Graphical selection methods helped Tecumseh save 2 million eurosWe will demonstrate CES Polymer Selector 2014, with case studies. This is a specialist edition of Granta's CES Selector, combining everything that the plastics user or manufacturer will need in a single package.

Product designers increasingly need to balance performance, cost, processability and eco-impact in choosing the right materials for new products, redesigns, or global equivalence. CES Polymer Selector 2014 provides data from M-Base, CAMPUS, IDES, RAPRA alongside the latest version of the CES Selector analysis tools to let you do this.

You will see:

  • The importance of selection and substitution.
  • Specialist polymer data in CES Selector 2014.
  • Key principles and tools for both rational selection and substitution—including an enhanced version of the 'find similar' tool which can help suggest alternatives even when there is insufficient information for a rational selection project.
  • Demonstration of key use cases, including:
    • Finding alternative suppliers/grades as a drop-in replacement for an existing application.
    • Finding a new material grade with comparable performance,  but offering  lower cost or lower environmental footprint.
    • Finding a material with optimal performance for the target application.
    • Finding materials based on their use in similar applications.

About the presenter

Dr. Charlie Bream is Product Manager for CES Selector at Granta Design. After completing his PhD on recycling of thermoset composites at Brunel University, he spent 14 years in industry working on the development of lightweight materials and structures for British Aerospace (Space Systems), Pera International, and NXT before joining Granta in 2007.

Who should join the web seminar?

This session will be of particular interest to:

  • Polymer specialists and material scientists,
  • Product designers, application engineers, innovation managers
  • Material purchasers

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