Broadcast One: Timed for Europe

Tuesday, Sep 27

Timed to suit Europe:

  • London: 10am
  • Paris:  11am
Broadcast One: Timed for North America

Tuesday, Sep 27

Timed to suit N. America:

  • London: 4pm
  • Paris:  5pm
  • US East: 11am
  • US West: 8am

Accessing and Using Data on
Human Biological Materials

This event has now passed, but you can watch the recording online now 

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Archived information follows.

Manage materials data, whatever your medical device applicationDevice designers, materials engineers, materials scientists, and managers involved in orthopaedic device design are welcome to join next week's short web seminar, on Tuesday, September 27, to see a demonstration of the Human Biological Materials data—available for online internet access or as a database for installation on your corporate network.

This unique resource of mechanical property data for specific bones provides:

  • Quick, searchable access to data you need for device design and simulation
  • Help understanding the effects of patient age on your device design
  • Support for simulations with accurate property data from a traceable source
  • Access to consistent data across your design team

This information, fully linked to original data sources, can also be integrated within a system that manages your in-house materials data. Once you have found the data that you need, properties can be exported in the standard formats required by a range of FEA packages, enabling its immediate use in simulation.

With two broadcasts, timed for Europe and America, this short web seminar also provides an opportunity to take part in a live Q&A session with Granta's medical specialists.

How to register and join the session

There is no cost but registration is required through the WebEx system. Please ensure you set your local time zone to receive accurate meeting invitations and test your setup in advance of the meeting. How to use WebEx, including setting times zone & language preferences 

What will you see?

  • How a unique new source of reference data on the mechanical properties of bones could help your work in simulation and design, now including an Internet subscription option.
  • How to access the data you need within your familiar browser.
  • How to combine this key reference data with existing materials knowledge using GRANTA MI, allowing you to manage and utilize all your materials data from one place.

Simple web browser-based access to Human Biological Materials data

Simple web browser-based access to Human Biological Materials data — the graph shows age-dependence for a mechanical property (tensile strength) of femur compact bone

Who should join the web seminar?

Device designers and analysts—see you how can browse and search orthopaedic data (filtering results by any combination of engineering or bio-response properties), getting quick access to the data you need, in the form you need it.

Any materials engineer or materials scientist—find out about the latest materials reference data and practical tools to ensure that you don’t lose vital data, and to help you manage, process, and apply materials data in a controlled and fully traceable manner.

Senior managers in materials, engineering, or product development at medical device organizations—learn how organizations such as yours are lowering risk and enhancing productivity and innovation by implementing best practice materials data management and accessing the latest medical materials reference data.

About Granta for Medical Devices

For engineers and scientists involved in medical device development, Granta provides the only software-based solution that: manages a company's proprietary materials data; provides high quality, traceable reference data; combines all of this valuable information in a single source, and enables fully-auditable materials decision support. These organizations can retain and re-use knowledge from past projects, optimize product cost and performance, and minimize risk due to incorrect, inconsistent, or incomplete data.

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