This free access to an older version of the MIL-HDBK-5 data is provided as a service to our customers and to allow you to assess the value of this data if you are considering purchase of the up-to-date MMPDS database.

Use the left panel to browse MIL-HDBK-5H: Metallic Materials and Elements for Aerospace Vehicle Structures. 

Version H (published 1 Dec 1998) is an older version of this authoritative reference source for property data and design allowables.

There have been multiple updates to this information since this publication. The MIL-HBK-5 has also changed its name to  to MMPDS (Metallic Materials Property Data Standardization). The latest version available from Granta is MMPDS-04.

Note that the Granta version of the MMPDS database is a 'live' database as well as offering a simple PDF view such as that provided here.

Need the latest MMPDS version? (the successor to Mil-Handbook 5)

Granta distributes the latest version of MMDPS within its GRANTA MI and CES software products. More...

Granta is a member of the MMPDS Industrial Steering Group, which ensures that the MMPDS is updated, and aims to bring it to end-users in the most useful possible form.

The Granta version also includes Battelle's PMP (Preliminary Materials Properties) and MMPDS fasteners databases.

Need a better material data system for your organization?

The combination of GRANTA MI and MMPDS brings the benefits of quality and traceability to material property data for use and comparison with your own internal data, for export to finite element simulation, and for integration with material testing. More...