Material and Process Cost Analysis

This project has now completed with the release of part cost estimation software in CES Selector 2016.

The Project: Visualization and analysis of the cost implications of candidate materials in new product development / new market analysis

  • For materials producers—analyze the materials market, assess competitiveness of your products, guide product strategy, communicate the benefits of your products
  • For manufacturers—analyze your materials portfolio and products, develop materials strategies that can help to guide procurement and design towards materials and process choices that optimize cost and performance

The project was particularly relevant to Advanced Innovation, Research & Development, or Technical Marketing groups looking for tools to help make strategic materials decisions and thus gain competitive advantage.

Members were:

  • Rhodia (Solvay)
  • Hutchinson
  • Constellium
  • Sirris

The effect of taking processing costs into consideration.

Project results—the Part Cost Estimator

The project validated the methodology and implementation of a new Part Cost Estimator model in the CES Selector software.

Find out more about the Part Cost Estimator